Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co Ltd


Junshi BioPharma is an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company which is dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative drugs and their clinical research and commercialization on a global scale. Our mission is to provide patients with treatment options that work better and cost less. Based on the core platform technology of protein engineering, Junshi stands at the frontier of R&D of macromolecular drugs. With distinguished capability of innovative drug discovery, advanced biotechnological R&D, large-scale production capacity on the full industry chain and rapidly expanding drug candidate portfolio of tremendous market potential, Junshi has a leading edge in the PRC in the emerging field of immuno-oncology and for the treatment of autoimmune and metabolic diseases. Junshi is the first PRC company filing IND application and NDA application to the NMPA for anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody, and also the first PRC company to receive IND approvals from the NMPA for anti-PCSK9 monoclonal antibody and anti-BLyS monoclonal antibody. Our vision is to become a pioneer in the area of translational medicine by developing first-in-class and best-in-class drugs through original innovation. With enrichment of our product pipelines and exploration of drug combination therapies, Junshi expanded its innovation to the R&D of more types of drugs, including small molecule drugs and antibody drug conjugates (or ADCs), as well as to the exploration of the next-generation innovative therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases.


NameShanghai Junshi Biosciences Co Ltd

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BörseHong Kong Stock Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)
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