New Fortress Energy LLC

Company Description

ABOUT US We are a global leader in the energy infrastructure business. We finance and deliver fast-track solutions that provide reliable power and benefit the environment. Everyone should have access to clean, affordable and reliable energy. Yet, too many lack this critical element for quality of life and economic growth. While clean fuels like natural gas are abundant, there are regions in the world with antiquated infrastructure that prevents the transition to clean and renewable energy. Our approach is to deliver turnkey solutions for critical energy projects. We develop our projects from end-to-end, funding their development and construction with our own capital. We have world-class expertise in power, infrastructure, transportation and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Our team has industry-leading experience building and operating liquefaction facilities, onshore and offshore regasification terminals, pipelines, power plants and various small-scale solutions. With our ongoing projects and many more in development, New Fortress Energy has an established logistics chain that enables us to deliver natural gas quickly and efficiently around the world to customers of all sizes.

Company Overview

NameNew Fortress Energy LLC

IPO Data

Company SymbolNFE
Popular Investor - EN
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