Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd

Company Description

As a fintech total solutions provider, we provide efficient intelligent retail financial solutions to business and financial partners, covering installment loans, personal loans, SME loans, wealth management and insurance brokerage, and offer a variety of tools such as product development, customer acquisition, marketing and operation as well as management and monitoring. We are dedicated to helping customers embrace intelligence, enhance value and stay competitive by wrapping sophisticated financial inputs (scenarios, traffic, data, risk control, funds, products, etc.) into end-to-end solutions embedded in their products and services. We wish that with our services, small and medium-sized business and financial partners can quickly realize intelligent transformation like tech giants, and get ready for the tide of China’s consumption upgrade. PINTEC pools their long-tail traffic, scenarios and funds into a vast ecosystem to reach hundreds of millions of consumers and SME customers. This B2B2C model enables us to live up to our corporate vision of "Leveraging technology to advance financial services and leveling the playing field."

Company Overview

NamePintec Technology Holdings Ltd

IPO Data

Price$ 10-12
Deal Size$ 44.700.000
Company SymbolPT
Popular Investor - EN
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