Samoyed Holding Limited

Company Description

Our mission is to be the most trusted lifetime financial partner to credit-proven millennials in China. Our value to customers: Trusted, smart and affordable financial solutions.,We are the only loan facilitator in China focused on facilitating credit card balance transfer products with a weighted average APR lower than 18.25%, the annual interest rate cap for credit cards set by the PRC regulators, according to Oliver Wyman. We also ranked third in terms of number of registered users as of 2017 among the credit card repayment facilitators in China, according to Oliver Wyman. We believe we are the first company to facilitate balance transfer products through a purely online platform in China. We are a leading financial technology service company in China redefining credit card experiences.

Company Overview

NameSamoyed Holding Limited

IPO Data

Company SymbolSMY
Stock MarketNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Popular Investor - EN
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