Toshiba Memory Corp.

Company Description

Toshiba Memory Corporation successfully completed its separation from Toshiba Corporation and started independent operation on April 1, 2017. And, in order to our further growth, we launch corporate activity under our new shareholders as an independent company on June 1, 2018. We are dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of memory and SSD. In a demanding and constantly changing business environment we aim to achieve more flexible and responsive management. The primary driving force of our business is demand for NAND Flash memory for smartphones and other mobile digital products, and for SSD, that essential solution for enterprise systems and data centers that sustain our networked society. I have no doubt that the need for flash memory will increase, mirroring the intensifying rate of information creation and the quickening progress of IoT.

Company Overview

NameToshiba Memory Corp.

IPO Data

Stock MarketTokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (JPX)
Popular Investor - EN
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