IPO 2019 > Asia

CompanyStatusStock MarketCurrencyPrice
Toshiba Memory Corp. Expected:2019  JPX JPY 
Weigang Environmental Technology Holding Group Ltd Launch:3.01.2019  HKEX HKD  HK$ 1
Candy Club Holdings Limited Expected:4.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,20
Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Company Ltd Launch:4.01.2019  HKEX HKD  HK$ 18,90
Mediland Pharm Limited Expected:14.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,20
Relentless Resources Limited Expected:23.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,50
Uniti Wireless Limited Expected:25.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,25
Wecon Limited Launch:27.02.2019  HKEX HKD 
Guan Chao Holdings Limited Launch:28.02.2019  HKEX HKD 
KNT Holdings Limited Launch:28.02.2019  HKEX HKD 
Expected/Delayed Launch Withdrawn
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