CompanyStatusStock MarketCurrencyPrice
AXS Group Limited Expected:  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,25
Fiji Kava Limited Expected:  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,20
Uranium Trading Corporation Delayed:  NYSE USD  $ 10
Asklepios Kliniken Expected:2018   EUR 
Exyte Group Withdrawn:2018   EUR 
Bank Florida Withdrawn:29.10.2018  NASDAQ USD  $ 10-11
Primepulse Withdrawn:6.11.2018   EUR   22-27
Govecs AG Withdrawn:8.11.2018  LSX EUR   10-12
Themis Bioscience Delayed:9.11.2018  VOC EUR   9,70-11,60
Qualtrics International Inc. Withdrawn:15.11.2018  NASDAQ USD  $ 18-21
Centrexion Therapeutics Corp Delayed:15.11.2018  NASDAQ USD  $ 14-16
Alzheon Withdrawn:22.11.2018  NASDAQ USD  $ 4-6
Marinomed Biotech AG Withdrawn:4.12.2018  VSX EUR   75-90
Torque Metals Limited Withdrawn:12.12.2018  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,20
Cadence Opportunities Fund Limited Delayed:20.12.2018  ASX AUD  AU$ 1,25
IXT Limited Withdrawn:21.12.2018  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,20
Rheos Capital Works Inc Withdrawn:25.12.2018  JPX JPY 
Atomos Limited Expected:28.12.2018  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,41
Auxmoney Expected:2019   EUR 
Aenova Holding GmbH Expected:2019   EUR 
Armacell Expected:2019   EUR 
Grindr Expected:2019   USD 
Lyft Expected:2019   USD 
Toshiba Memory Corp. Expected:2019  JPX JPY 
Candy Club Holdings Limited Expected:4.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,20
Mediland Pharm Limited Expected:14.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,20
Relentless Resources Limited Expected:23.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,50
Uniti Wireless Limited Expected:25.01.2019  ASX AUD  AU$ 0,25
UBER Expected:1.02.2019   USD 
NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc Expected:1.02.2019  NASDAQ USD 
Arog Pharmaceuticals Expected:1.02.2019  NASDAQ USD 
Samoyed Holding Limited Expected:1.02.2019  NYSE USD 
Revolve Group Inc Expected:1.02.2019  NYSE USD 
Caliburn International Corp Expected:1.02.2019  NASDAQ USD 
Cornerstone Management Expected:1.02.2019  NASDAQ USD  $ 4
Enven Energy Corp Expected:1.02.2019  NASDAQ USD 
The Parking REIT Inc Expected:1.02.2019  NASDAQ USD 
SCIENCE4YOU S.A. Delayed:8.02.2019   EUR   2,45
onoff AG Expected:6.03.2019   EUR 
Shockwave Medical, Inc . Expected:6.03.2019  NASDAQ USD  $ 15
Futu Holdings Limited Expected:7.03.2019  NASDAQ USD  $ 10
Ant Financials Delayed:2020  HKEX HKD 
Expected/Delayed Launch Withdrawn
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