Stock MarketShortCountryRegion
BM&F Bovespa Bovespa  Brazil America
Bolsa Boliviana de Valores BVB  Bolivia America
Bolsa Centroamericana de Valores BCV  Honduras America
Bolsa de Cereais e Mercardorias de Maringa BCMM  Brazil America
Bolsa de Nacional de Valores BVNSA  Guatemala America
Bolsa de Valores de El Salvador BVES  El Salvador America
Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo BVM  Uruguay America
Bolsa de Valores de Nicaragua BVDN  Nicaragua America
Bolsa de Valores de Panama BVP  Panama America
Bolsa de Valores Minas BOVMESB  Brazil America
Bolsa de Valores y Productos de Asuncion BVPASA  Paraguay America
Bolsa Honduras de Valores BHV  Honduras America
Bolsa Mexicana BMV  Mexico America
Bolsa Nacional de Valores BNV  Costa Rica America
Brasil Bolsa Balcao B3  Brazil America
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange BCBA  Argentina America
Canadian Securities Exchange CSE  Canada America
Caracas Stock Exchange BVC  Venezuela America
Colombia Stock Exchange BVC  Colombia America
Institutional Stock Exchange BIVA  Mexico America
Lima Stock Exchange BVL  Peru America
Mercado Abierto Electronico MAE  Argentina America
Montreal Exchange MX  Canada America
NASDAQ NASDAQ  United States America
NASDAQ Canada NASDAQ C  Canada America
NEO Exchange NEO  Canada America
New York Stock Exchange NYSE  United States America
Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange BVRJ  Brazil America
Rosario Stock Exchange BCR  Argentina America
Santiago Stock Exchange SSE  Chile America
Toronto Stock Exchange TMX  Canada America
TSX Venture Exchange TSX  Canada America
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