EdtechX Holdings Acquisition

Şirket Açıklaması

We intend to focus our search for target businesses in the education, training and education technology (“edtech”) industries. We intend to build an industry leading sustainable education platform with attractive returns on invested capital and robust free cash flow generation. By consummating a business combination with a target business in the education, training and edtech industries, we hope to offer public market investors near-tern access and direct investment exposure to the long-term trends favorably impacting these sectors and to the consolidation and value-creation opportunities related thereto. We intend to take a patient and disciplined approach to investing with an emphasis on compounding capital over the long-term. We will also look for target businesses with proven management teams who will foster an ownership culture with strong alignment of incentives.

Şirket Genel Bakışı

Şirket AdıEdtechX Holdings Acquisition

IPO Verileri

Fiyat$ 10
Hisse Senedi Arzı5500000
İşlem Hacmi$ 50000000
Şirket SembolüEDTXU
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