Gamida Cell Ltd.

Şirket Açıklaması

We are a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company leveraging our proprietary technology to develop cell therapies that are designed to cure cancer and rare, serious hematologic diseases. While cell therapies have the potential to address a variety of diseases, they are limited by availability of donor cells, matching a donor to the patient, and the decline in donor cell functionality when expanding the cells to achieve a therapeutic dose. We have leveraged our nicotinamide-, or NAM-, based cell expansion technology to develop a pipeline of products designed to address the limitations of cell therapies. Our proprietary technology is designed to allow for the proliferation of donor cells while maintaining the cells’ functional therapeutic characteristics, which, if approved, will provide a treatment alternative for patients.

Şirket Genel Bakışı

Şirket AdıGamida Cell Ltd.

IPO Verileri

Fiyat$ 8
Hisse Senedi Arzı6.300.000
İşlem Hacmi$ 50.000.000
Şirket SembolüGMDA
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