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IXT is transforming complex operational processes Almost every market sector is undergoing some form of disruption by digital technologies. It has never been more important for companies to have agile innovation systems at the centre of their strategy. IXT is keeping pace with the fast-moving world by providing investment managers with high quality solutions that embrace new technologies. Today’s global managed fund markets are faster paced, more complex and more competitive than ever and demands dexterity and accuracy. The margin for error is a knife’s edge, and there’s no time for interruption. The advantage goes to firms that can leverage technology to master complexity and overcome operational challenges to growth. IXT has been offering investment firms of all types to gain advantage. Our technology-powered solutions and services equip investment managers and businesses with operational efficiency, competitive advantage and profitable growth potential. Through a combination of organic innovation and strategic acquisitions, our Australian solutions have assembled a comprehensive selection of technology and service capabilities, backed by industry-leading expertise. Our solutions build and support an operational platform customised to your needs, with deployment options based on your business objectives.

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Şirket AdıIXT Limited

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FiyatAU$ 0,20
İşlem HacmiAU$ 7.000.000
Şirket SembolüIXT
BorsaAustralian Stock Exchange (ASX)
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