Vapotherm, Inc.

Şirket Açıklaması

We do work that matters With the support of progressive health care providers we’ve treated more than 1.25 million patients suffering from acute respiratory distress, from premature babies to geriatrics. Together, we still have a lot of work to do. We see patients every day who would benefit from our life-changing technology and strive to make it available to everyone. We focus on customers & patients At Vapotherm, customers and their patients are our total focus. We celebrate our patients every year at a Patient of the Year Celebration, and every day in everything we do. We deliver consistently superior results through disciplined planning & execution We’re growing fast, which creates new opportunities for our team to innovate and deliver for our customers & patients.

Şirket Genel Bakışı

Şirket AdıVapotherm, Inc.
SektörCerrahi ve Tıbbi Aletler ve Aparatlar

IPO Verileri

Fiyat$ 15,50
Hisse Senedi Arzı4.000.000
İşlem Hacmi$ 56.000.000
Şirket SembolüVAPO
BorsaNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
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